oerba-dia-vanille asked: I found it interesting that you said Light's and Serah's relationship borders on the romantic sometimes. I was wondering, what makes you say this?


I find it more blatant in Lightning’s case. Serah’s not that attached to her sister, probably because she’s more of a sociable person than Lightning. Of course, this doesn’t mean she doesn’t love her sister, since we saw her going through hell in XIII-2 to get her sister back, but Serah’s more independent of Lightning than Light is of her.

And I think the reason is Lightning devoted her life to her. Her life and her own identity. She tried to kill what she was and become Serah’s guardian. In a sense, Lightning wasn’t her sister anymore. Not saying she wanted to be more, or she didn’t want to be her sister. But Lightning even admitted to be, let’s say, jealous of Snow for taking her sister away from her. She couldn’t believe Serah chose Snow over her. Her intention was to spend their lives together, and I remember Light thinking that they wouldn’t need anyone else than themselves, in her opinion. Those are, in many ways, some romantic clichés.

But I don’t think Lightning’s excessive dependence on Serah relies on romantic feelings for her, at all. I think it all comes from Lightning’s fear of being left alone, as we see in LR. Lightning desperately attaches to Serah because she considers she’s the only one she has left. And there’s another possible reason, and it’s her self-loathing: Lightning has shown throughout the trilogy that she tends to self-deprecation and always takes the blame on her. It wouldn’t surprise me if Lightning thought nobody would ever love her. She even wonders in LR if she’s capable of love. So in a sense, Serah was loads more mature than her sister despite being the younger one because she grew up, left the nest, and found her own love, Snow. Lightning, who didn’t give herself the chance to grow up upon the deaths of her parents, was stuck as a child inside an adult’s body -Lumina- all that time. In a sense, I’d say the trilogy depicts the release of both sisters from that unhealthy attachment -specially in Lightning’s case- and their bond, severely damaged in XIII as we see, become stronger than ever because of this.

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FINAL FANTASY XIII and the Seventh Ark.



As many of you may know already, Final Fantasy XIII had a lot of content that was cut due to time constraints. Square Enix even said they could make two games out of it and so, many started questioning if that content was the one we saw in FFXIII-2 which they said no. Well….


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Anonymous asked: Final fantasy IS A VIDEOGAME not art! And all final fantasy games are boring btw..
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  • me: has very real feelings about a very fictional character
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fucking dragon ball z shit in here

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I would like to invite more people to post their edits in fandom specific tags! I didn’t create them, nor was it my idea. But it’s really nice to have tags dedicated simply to graphics without all the reposts and drama crowding them. If you know of anymore please add them to the…

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