make me choose - Bagged milk or laughing cow?

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She’s on top of the world


Yuna: Stay with me until the end. Please.
Tidus: Not until the end... Always.
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Hey everyone! So I’ve decided that “13 Days of Final Fantasy XIII” will definitely be happening, so please spread the word and let everyone in the fandom know!

The event will last for 13 days from May 11th - 23rd, where you can make edits, gifs, fanart, fanfiction etc… under a new prompt/theme every day (you don’t have to if you’d prefer not to). The themes are…

  • Day 1: Relationships/friendships/family
  • Day 2: Places
  • Day 3: Colours/elements/seasons
  • Day 4: The Ladies
  • Day 5: Gameplay/paradigms/action
  • Day 6: Minor characters (including eidolons, moogles, chocobos)
  • Day 7: Outfits/clothes
  • Day 8: Quotes/lyrics/typography/music
  • Day 9: The Guys
  • Day 10: Emotions
  • Day 11: Gods/Fal’Cie
  • Day 12: Time 
  • Day 13: Anything you want

Please check out the blog for more specific insrtuctions/examples. And make sure to tag it as #ff13week in the first 5 tags. If anyone has any questions feel free to drop by my ask box. Thanks guys, let’s hope this event will be successful! :) 

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What if Frozen was an anime series?

What would its OP sequence look like?

Why does this make me laugh so hard

because it’s accurate